“Seeing me living and acting in human from those deluded with the perception of the body, do not recognize me and not knowing My Supreme Nature, they take me, the Overlord of the entire creation, as an ordinary mortal.”

Since His childhood, through various instances, signs and visions, Shree was shown that He was
born for a special purpose and that His being was the personification of the Holy Fire or Vaishwanar.

‘Vaishwanar’ is a word from the Vedic literature. Its meaning is Yajnya Fire. Vaishwanar means ‘Jaatveda’, that is, the ‘Fire’ for which the Vedas appeared. Fire is the deity of knowledge, purity and prosperity. Like a father who cares for his son in the same manner fire protects his worshippers day and night.

“When Veda-ordained knowledge seems to disappears and Dharma seems to wane, I (Supreme God Head) take incarnation to re-establish Dharma”- Bhagwad Geeta

Shree Upasani Baba had said to Shree “You are the King of Kings. One day all the kings will bow down to you.”

As Shree himself had said, there were only two persons who, with their inner knowledge and
conviction, had fully perceived his true identify.

One was Sadguru Shri Upasani Baba and the other was Kanchi-Kamakshi’s centenarian Saint Shankaracharya Shri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati.

On 25th December, 1941, Shree attained Enlightenment and got the revelation that “One who come as Rama, who come as Krishna, who came as Buddha, the Same One has descended in the form of Son of Man and is demonstrating this truth to the entire world by substantiating it.”

During the course of his arduous penances and austerities, the Divine Fire appeared before him.
The perception then was clear in His mind that “I and the Fire are One”.

Many ancient scriptures and texts Narsimhapuran, Kalkipuran, Bhagwad Geeta, etc, illustrate the
coming of an Avatar, who will rejuvenate the ancient most knowledge of Vedas.

It is stated that an Avatar will be born in a royal and noble family, live in a province in central India, who will be a disciple of Lord Parshuram, who would perform a Bahu Kanchan Yaga, will ride on a white horse, wield a sword, initially have a small group of followers which will eventually grow into a large army, will wage war against evil and vanquish darkness and conquer the world.

Shree’s Life is like a literal translation of this illustration. He was born in a royal family belonging to central India. He was born in royalty but choose the life of an ascetic. Lord Parshuram initiated Shree into the highest esoteric spiritual practise. He performed a Yadnya or Homa which required Bahu (plenty) of Kanchan (resource or money). His message is like a horse riding on wind has spread all over the world. His sword is the power of knowledge that is vanquishing the evil of ignorance and negativity. His initial small group of followers in no time has grown into thousands spread all over the world.

Kalka is Sanskrit word, which means to pollute/dilute or darkness. Kalki is the One who will remove the darkness of ignorance with His wisdom and dispel the pollution of hearts and minds with Love


With Love, Kindness and Grace His message is giving world a new hope and wining hearts and
minds all over the planet.