Shree was born in the town of Kharagpur, in the state of West Bengal in India at 12.42 am on 17 th May 1918. Four Years before the birth of Shree, His Mother, Sonamata, had 14 divine visions and dreams.

In these dreams she saw 14 different objects like-

  1. 1. Elephant
  2. 2. Bull
  3. 3. Lion
  4. 4. Goddess Laxmi
  5. 5. Garland
  6. 6. Moon
  7. 7. Sun
  8. 8. The Holy Flag
  9. 9. Kumbh (a ceremonial pitcher)
  10. 10. Lotus
  11. 11. A Lake full of lotuses
  12. 12. an Aeroplane
  13. 13. Heap of Jewels
  14. 14. Fire without smoke.

Unfolding the meaning of the visions, Her Guru, Shree Upasani Baba, had foretold to Her, that “The Light of the World is going to be born as Her Son”.

Despite of owning spacious palaces in Rajim, Shree was born in a small house situated in the vicinity of the social outcasts. He would often say that though I was born in a royal family, I choose to be born in that place, because I have come here for them. I have come here to see that all such injustice, inequality and barriers are removed. I have come to bring Dharma, peace and happiness to the ones who have been kept away from it for thousands of years.

Auspicious Signs

Right from birth child Shree  was gleaming with divine lustre. The ever present divine splendour on his being attracted everybody towards Him. The telling auspicious signs on his body were in mute testimony the Divine Power having manifested in the form of Shree.

The Vedic sciences of Astrology, Architecture and Arts refers to this as “Mahaenrdayoga”, which state that the One who is born with these signs either becomes a great emperor or becomes an epoch maker who even thegreatest of emperors would bow down to.

This brings to mind the memory of the birth places of earlier divine great men. Lord Shrikrishna was born in the prison where his mother was in captivity, Lord Buddha was born
in a forest instead of a palace and Lord Jesus was born in a manger in a cow-pen. Moreover, at the time of the descent of Zarathustra and Jesus Christ there was a glimpse of
Divine Light and Divine Star  in the sky respectively. Sonamata too had seen Divine Light. This likeness is significant because Light is the final emerged intense image of Fire and similarly is the symbol of splendour and divine power.
The various indicative dream visions Sonamata, had were undoubtedly the sure revelations that theLight of the Universe She was going to conceive would also be an epoch-maker.

Following signs could be clearly seen on Shree body:

  1. 1. Padma- A Lotus
  2. 2. Trishul- A Trident
  3. 3. Ankush- A Mettalic Hook
  4. 4. Parshu- An axe
  5. 5. Kamandalu- A water pot used by the ascetic
  6. 6. Havankund- A Yadnya altar
  7. 7. Ashva- A Horse
  8. 8. Simhasan- A Throne
  9. 9. Gaja- An Elephant
  10. 10. Veena- A String Instrument
  11. 11. Matsya- A Fish
  1. 12. Shankh- A Conch Shell
  2. 13. Vishnupad- The footprint of Lord Vishnu
  3. 14. Gada- A Mace
  4. 15. Swastika- An Auspicious Sign
  5. 16. Chhatra- An Umbrella
  6. 17. Dhwaja- A Flag
  7. 18. Nandi- A Bull
  8. 19. Patanga- A kite
  9. 20. Shreeniketan- An Auspicious Sign
  10. 21. Footprint of Shreevatsa- An Auspicious Sign
  11. 22. Footprint of Bhrigu Rishi- An Auspicious Sign