Mantra Diksha

He was initiated into the highest order of Spiritual Practice by Lord Parshuram. Lord Parshuram in considered as the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is said to be the Chiranjeev Avatar (Immortal God-Head) and is said to have been the Guru of all the Avatar after Him. He was born to Maharishi Jamadagni and Renukamata. He belongs to the Jamadgani lineage, same as Shree.

In the year 1938, remaining invisible, the Lord had initiated Shree with the 32 worded Krishnashakti mantra in the sanctum-sanctorum of Guru Mandir.

Thereafter, on 12th March, 1942 (10th of the bright half of the lunar month Phalgun), the Lord had physically appeared before Shree outside the sanctum-sanctorum of Guru Mandir, for a Poornabhishek  (ritualistic initiation) and performed the divine complete consecration of Shree with impartation of his powers by initiating him with  Tripuri  Mantra (a most Esoteric Mantra,
considered highest and most Divinely Sacred). Shree was blessed with the ancient &
supreme knowledge of Shrividya.

The book Maharnva tantra, based on the science of Tantra Vidya, describes the process of Poornabhishek in great detail. It is as same as the one consecrated on Shree. The book states that the One performing the ceremony and the undergoing the ceremony, both have to be ‘Sadashiv- Lord Shiva’ embodied. It is done only to an Avatar, as only He is capable enough to sustain the transfer of so much spiritual energy.

Lord Parshuram told Shree that He was being initiated in this highest spiritual process, to establish Satya Dharma as is espoused by the Vedas and spread the message of Happiness and Peace on the planet.

The Six Yatra (Journeys)-

Shree went with Lord Parshuram on six Yatras or Journeys, using Yogic esoteric and cosmic powers. Shree was taken to six different spiritual places.

  1. 1. Mahendragiri, a mountain part of the Shyadri mountain range in the western part of India
  2. 2. Badrikasashram, the Ashram of Maharishi Ved Vyasa in the Himalayas
  3. 3. Gandhmadan Mountain and Manassarovar Lake in the Himalayas
  4. 4. Mount Kailasa in the Himalayas
  5. 5. Pandharpur, a town of great spiritual importance and pilgrimage centre in western in India
  6. 6. Shri Shailam, a popular pilgrimage centre in Southern India.

The Divine Vow

One day in a vision, was Shree was shown an image of four dogs on the verge of dying, by His Guru, Lord Parshuram. He was saying that these dogs were a metaphorical representation of the state of Dharma and Vedic wisdom and it is about to be lost forever.

Shree than decided to spend the rest of His life in revival of this ancient most knowledge as a Guru Dakshina (Tribute to Guru).

So on the day of Vijaya Dashmi (an auspicious day), Thursday 21 st September 1944, Shree took the vow

“I will rejuvenate the Vedas”.

And the Sapta Shloki or the Seven Verses, giving a gist of this wisdom was composed by Him instantaneously.

The Satya Yuga or the Era of truth and light began from this day. Shree said that soon world over peace, prosperity, happiness and harmony will take centre stage. A new era of Universal Brotherhood and Super Science will emerge.