Bonding of the worldly issues is the foundation of sadness, despair and pain. The more a person gets bonded to the world, the more pain and suffering increase. This is the root cause of all sadness and despair.- Shree

Swami Samarth Maharaj had come to Akkalkot as part of a Divine plan.

During His time in Akkalkot, Swami Samarth Maharaj had on many occasions predicted through signs and gestures that these ancient most practices will be revived from the Guru Peetham that He had established.

The first Day when Shri Swami Maharaj appeared in Akkalkot, He showed the vision of Holy Fire. His arrival heralds the beginning of the fundamental and positive change in the universal spiritual thinking. He performed a Yajnya in Jangam Math (a temple belonging to Lingayat community) at Akkalkot. He ordered His disciples to arrange 500 cow dung cakes over the Shivalingam. A holy Fire was made and cows ghee, coconuts, wheat, rice were offered in it. When asked, “ Maharaj what are you doing?” He replied “I am performing Yajnya of my Deha i.e. outward body.“

On being questioned just prior to His Mahasamadhi by one of His close disciples  “ When will you recover from your illness?” Shri Swami Maharaj replied, “ I will reappear when the hills and the mountains will speak and Pandhari will burn” Here too, through this cryptic remark, Swami Maharaj has given an indication of the future happening. He indicated the commencement of Satya Yuga and rejuvenation of the Vedas. Vedic Mantras were to reverberate through out the world and Fire worship which is the basis of Spirituality of the ancient knowledge was to prevail through out the planet. Swamiji was indicating that the One who would come after me would give the world a message of peace and global oneness.

Shree, was fourth in line of Shree Swami Samarth Tradition.

After taking the Vow, Shree composed the Sapta Shloki or Seven Verses, which is a gist of the Vedic Wisdom and denote the five Tenets of the Panch Sadhan Marga (Five Fold Path).

Shree introduced the path for achieving personal transformation, social reform and global harmony by way of Pancha Sadhan Marga (PSM). PSM is the gist of the teachings of the Guru Tradition and is based on ancient Vedic Wisdom.

Shree referred to PSM as Devayaan. Devayaan is a Sanskrit word that means Path of Light. Shree said that by following Devayaan even the Gods attained Godhood and the Rishi’s attained their knowledge. He rejuvenated the ancient most Upasana- Path towards Oneness, the practice of Agnihotra. Agnihotra is a technique for healing and finding inner peace which has transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world going beyond the man- made barriers of caste, creed, race, nationality and religion.

He called it the Mukti Ka Raj Marga (path towards liberation). He said that Agnihotra and the tenets of PSM are a Yuga Dharma (Yuga- era or age, Dharma-Way of life), Vishwa Dharma (Vishwa- World, Dharma- Way of life) and Siddhanta (proven over time).

He revived the ancient most practice of Agnihotra, Sattvic Yajnya (Fire Ceremony) and other Vedic Sciences, age old practices forgotten over time. He removed the wrong concepts prevalent in the society and explained the original meaning of many spiritual practices

Shree stressed that the teachings of the PSM are not limited to any group, sect or community.

He said that everybody has a common right upon the world of knowledge and each and every one has the right to use it for the betterment of themselves and their families. There can never be any distinction over caste, creed, nationality, colour, region, language, etc. All such barriers are man-made and not dictated by any God. Such boundaries cannot exist in spirituality or even in day to day life. God has created everybody as equal and all are His children. He will never differentiate amongst His own children. For thousands of years, spirituality and its practices had become corrupted due to various misinterpretations and misunderstandings leading to a lot of confusion and strife.

He urged everybody to learn and follow the tenets of PSM to replace negativity and darkness with positivity and peace in their lives.