My birth and Life’s Mission, are both wholly divine and planned by the Almighty. My incarnation itself is for the cause of the welfare of the world. With a sincere feeling whenever you will remember Me, you will always find Me with you. - Shree

Shree’s stature was of medium height, about 5’– 5” and he was of medium built. His complexion was fair like gold. His eyes were black but bright. A divine smile could always be seen sparkling on his face. His penetrating eyes looked through one’s heart and would know inside out everything about him. However, when calm his face would look solemn. He was very loving yet awe inspiring too. When he used to be engrossed in spiritual practices his fingers could be seen forming into certain Yogic Mudras. However engrossed he may be his right hand would always be raided to bless the devotee indicating assurance of blessing and Propitiousness.

Shree’s day began every day at 3.30 am.

Situations like Physical strain, exertion, fasting, wakefulness, traveling never caused any change or slackness in Shree’s daily routine. His daily programs like early morning rising, observing
spiritual practices would keep on going right as per schedule. Even if he had very little sleep due to wakefulness at night he never ever took the concession like getting up late or taking more rest.
Even if He was physically unwell or there was fever in His body He would not agree to take rest. Whether it is winter, rainy season or any other time in a composed manner his routine would keep on going like the sun rises every day in the East without ever taking a break.

Most of the time during the day He would be engrossed in performance of various forms of austere Tapa like Silence (Mauna), Fasting, Chanting of Guru Mantras etc.

Right from the time of accepting the responsibility as Head of the Math Shree had adopted the discipline of ‘Bhaikshacharyavrat’ (subsisting on offering or alms from the devotees/disciples)

His personal needs were extremely limited. He wore an unstitched white dhoti around his waist and carried another piece of white cloth on his shoulders.

He spent most of the time in his meditation room sitting on a small square wooden stool, where he received disciples and visitors from all over the world.

Shree had no material possessions. He never even touched money or gold. He was extremely punctual and his daily chores were attuned perfectly with the watch.

Shree was a Siddha Yogi of great stature. He had a peaceful, royal and pleasant bearing.

Shree was fully conversant with Vedas, Smritis, mythological books, and scriptures of various
religions, Holy Bible, Holy Koran and Holy Bhawad Geeta etc. During conversations he used to often expound the philosophy and principles outlined therein by quoting the examples for the benefit of the devotee. He harbored a feeling of love and always spoke with great regards for the principles of other religions, their preceptors and prophets and taught His followers to behave in the same manner at all times.

While unfolding in a novel way the hidden meaning of references in religious scriptures Shree, at the same time, used to place his own viewpoint making its purport palatable. His skill in simplifying a subject while explaining it was so unique that the listener would immediately grasp it. The deftness with which he used to narrate, revealing in an altogether new way, the secret meaning of historical and mythological events that often it inspired many of his disciples to write books on the information so received.

During course of his incarnation Shree never showed any importance or place to miracles. In a
letter written in his own hand he states ‘if anyone saw superhuman qualities in me and if he looked up to me as a Guru then I stay away from him. I am not the doer of those miraculous incidents but only a seer.’ Shree very clearly refused to take any credit for doing any of those divine incidents which astonish common people and become a reason for them to get attracted towards the holy great personages. He says, “The Almighty has caused to happen these peculiar incidents thus using my body as an instrument. Maybe the Almighty has some objective to achieve through this. If some problems can be solved through worldly means then it is not right seek divine intervention. Incarnations of the Almighty take birth to keep intact the rules of
Nature, not for breaking then. If a person at long distance can be spoken to on telephone then why wait for voice from the heavens? If a sick person can be freed from suffering by the medicines of a Doctor then why should we cure him by giving our blessing? Let the work be done by the one whose job it is to do it. Let the divine powers be at your back, do not take them in hands.

Shree’s life character personality was outstanding, matchless and certainly out of the world. He was a divine incarnation, a great soul, Yogi and an accomplished ascetic. This realization unfailingly would always come to the mind at every moment you spent in his association.