Shree’s life reflected personification of auspiciousness, purity and virtuousness. Intent on Satya Dharma he was resolutely truthful, firm in spiritual austerity, munificent conduct, possessing
spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Always engrossed in self – discipline and engaged in penances, non – attached, cherished pure wisdom and he was one who had obtained superhuman faculties. All the time engrossed in his life’s work he was never idle even for a moment. His virtuous qualities were of great depth. Whichever facet of his personality you looked at, the experience was always pleasant charming.

Establishment of Satya Dharma was the one and only purpose of Shree’s life. He spent each and every moment of his life for this objective. While engaged in clarifying the principles of spirituality, he used to be so vigorously involved that he would forget about everything else like hunger, thirst rest or sleep. On occasions, postponing his regular practices, he would keep talking on religion for hours with some selected followers.

In the year 1969, Shree performed a Maha Somayaga. This was the first such Yadnya done in
exact accordance with the philosophy of the Vedas. Shree said that the Vedas expound the performance of non-violent Yajnya, where no animal sacrifice is done. Only offerings of Ghee and grains were offered in the Maha Somayaga. Shree had organized a Vid Vatta Sabha (seminar) to illustrate His point and to instruct the prevalent Vedic scholars about His views. Many eminent scholars and Vedic experts attended the Maha Somayaga to observe and learn the true concepts of Vedas. Shree said that this was the first such Yajnya performed after 2500 years. It was a first step towards rejuvenation of the Vedic Yajnya culture. Shree conducted many Yadnya’s at various places in India.

Shree urged His disciples to develop a scientific temper. He discarded many traditions and misconceptions done in the name of religion and God. He disparaged superstitions and superstitious behavior. He asked many noted scientists to conduct research on Agnihotra and learn about its benefits using scientific methods.

He would often say “Do not believe in what I say just on its face value. Use your critical thinking and keeping an open mind analyze what I have said. Only having completely analysed and understood it, accept it.”

Shree attacked the unjust and unfair treatment meted out to women. He stressed that women should be treated with utmost respect and should have equal rights in society.

He abhorred the caste system prevalent in Indian society. He never asked anyone who he/she was
or what ones background was. His home was open to people from all walks of life. He never allowed discrimination based on caste, creed, religion, gender, nationality, race, etc. He would say “We all are children of the same God.”

He trained and mentored many disciples to be teachers of PSM and Agnihotra. He would urge them to travel and spread the message far and wide. He initiated the propagation of the PSM which reached all of the major continents during His life.

All day He would meet people who came to see Him. He also met many dignitaries like scholars,
scientists, heads of state, spiritual masters, etc and spoke to them about PSM and Agnihotra.

Shree set up many Agni Mandir or Fire Temples as a place for Agnihotra families to congregate and perform group Sadhana. He said these places were like an oasis where people looking for shelter from the harshness of the world could seek solace and refuge.

He asked His followers to set up publications to create literature for the spread of the PSM.

He laid down the plans for Agnihotra Vasahat (settlements). He said it could be a model human
settlement created on the philosophy of an Agnihotra Lifestyle.

He always asked His disciples to keep in mind that we are all a one big global Agnihotra family and that we should behave with each with respect and love.

Shree took Samadhi on 6 th Dec 1987 in Shivpuri. He said “Shivpuri is My final resting place. I have achieved mission that the Almighty had wanted from Me. Now I am discarding this body. From here on my disciples should look for me in the Agnihotra Fire. I am ever present in it. Do not worry, My Grace will always be with you.”

He had chosen His Son Dr. Shreekantji Maharaj as His spiritual Heir, to carry forward the mission of Shivpuri. Shree Shreekantji Maharaj worked tirelessly day and night to fulfill the work of Shivpuri. He travelled the world, delivered lectures, conducted research, wrote many books, wrote many artices in leading publications, trained and encouraged many new teachers, set up new Fire Temples, built schools and Ayurveda clinics, conducted many Maha Somayagas and created thousands of dedicated Agnihotra followers. He wrote a book titled ‘Vaiswanar Avatar’, on the Life and Mission of Shree. It is considered the most complete and accurate autobiographical work on Shree.

The message of Shree today has spread to more than 80 countries worldwide and has transformed the lives of thousands of people.